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13 Apr 2015

Tips: How to Help Your Graphic Designer

When you’re working with a professional designer, do they struggle to understand your point-of-view? Are you wondering how to help them develop the best possible design that represents your campaign? Struggle no longer! 

Here are five simple tips to help get your designer on the right track:

Tip 1: Designing Program
It’s really important that you let your designer know that Publisher is the best program to design in. How else can you send the file to everyone in your office for feedback? Sometimes designers might want to use programs such as “InDesign” or “Photoshop” to confuse you. Don’t allow it! Tell them if they want to work on your team, they’re going to have to use a program that everyone can access. If they don’t want to use Publisher, Word is another great option!

Tip 2: Let’s Talk Fonts!
How else can you illustrate the whimsy of your campaign, than by using a fun font? Make sure to suggest Comic Sans or Papyrus to your designer. They’ll thank you for coming to the table with new, innovative ideas as to how to present your campaign. If you’re worried about over using Comic Sans, you can always substitute it with any number of whimsical fonts found here.  Driftwood, anyone?

Tip 3: Pics, Pics, Pics!!!

Nothing is more captivating to your audience than photographs added to a design. Don’t have time to hire a photographer? No problem! Just Google it! When you use Google, you can click on the “image” tab, and find TONS of free photos for your designs. Your graphic artist will thank you for doing the legwork ahead of time. And if that doesn’t work, just use your camera phone. Simple!





Tip 4: Your Logo

Sometimes your designer will *gasp* try to bury your logo at the bottom of the page, in the smallest size possible! Be up front with your designer. Let them know that NOTHING is more important than your logo. It should be on the FRONT page, right up top.  How else will people know who you are?


Tip 5: Sizing
 Your designer may try to get cute and come up with cool sizes or shapes for your advertisement. While this is “fun,” it doesn’t give you the best bang for your buck. Make sure you tell them to design your ad campaign in standard 8.5” x 11” so that you can print it on your office printer. Why waste money when you can print them out in-house?



Wait for it…. JUST KIDDING!

April Fool’s Day has come and gone. But graphic designers oftentimes feel like every day is for fools.  Hope you enjoyed this list of what NOT to ask your designers to do.

by Jennifer Van Eps, Spokane MarCom Visual Information Chair