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23 Sep 2016

President's Message: The Fab Collab

President's Message: The Fab Collab

Another season of MarCom is underway and I couldn’t be more excited about what this year holds for our members!

As you heard by now, starting this past summer, the Spokane Regional MarCom Association, PRSA Spokane and AAF Spokane created an informal collaboration. We like to call this collaboration the “fab collab.”

Whether you’re a designer, a director of product marketing, or a crisis communications lead, we understand the value that integrated programming across the marketing-communications spectrum can provide. We know that in the industry today, you can’t be just a designer, or just a product marketer or just a crisis communication specialist. You have to have skills that cross all aspects of communications to be successful.

That’s why our groups came together to collaborate.

What changes should members expect?

1. From September 2016 – June 2017, we’re aligning the programming of each group to ensure the full body of content works together to best support professional growth for all members. For example, you might attend a designer panel discussion at MarCom one month, and wanting a little more, we encourage you to attend a 201-level design workshop at AAF the next month.

2. Look for group events – like the one we just had on September 21 with Disney Theatrical’s Scott Hermerling to talk about integrated marcom with all three groups. 

3. Lastly, members of each group will receive two “golden tickets” to attend events at the other groups at member-price. So, for example, MarCom members that are up-to-date with membership, will receive two “golden tickets” and can use those to attend one AAF event and one PRSA event at member price. Or they can use both at AAF or both at PRSA. It’s up to you!

What we’re not doing.

• We’re not combining all three groups into one. Each group will maintain its independence with separate membership. We also want to be clear that there is no long-term plan to combine groups. This is simply an effort of working more closely together for the benefit of all members across the region.

• We’re also not combining all programming and events. Each group will maintain it’s separate programming. That said, you will see an increase in the amount of collaborative events.

Why we’re doing this?

Again, as we looked at the industry and the need professionals have to be bigger and bigger utility players, we saw a huge opportunity to work more closely together and provide members across all three groups with programming and content that will help develop more well-rounded professionals.

To us, it’s about building a community of professionals that have an integrated skill-set with competencies that range from writing message platforms to conducting research to art directing. It’s also about having a connected network of professionals across the region.

Where can you learn more?

We encourage MarCom members with questions to ask board members for more information. You can also shoot me an email ( with specific questions.

We’ll also continue to communicate with you about upcoming events across the groups as well as collaborative events that you can expect.


So get excited! The collaboration is starting!


By: Emily Easley, Spokane MarCom President