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18 Nov 2016

President's Message: Philosophy of Web Development

President's Message: Philosophy of Web Development

December’s breakfast meeting is one I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. Jesse Pierpoint, Creative Director for Seven2, will be speaking with our group about websites and online content creation. For a medium that’s constantly evolving, this topic couldn’t be more relevant and ripe for discussion.

Leading up to the discussion, it got me thinking about some of the core philosophies any web development process should include:

Research. Before developing a new website for your organization, make sure you do your homework. A formal discovery process should include discussions about your business, web content, user behavior and communication goals, as they are related to or impacted by your website. Trends and best practices should also be reviewed. Further into development you should also be completing user testing, surveying current users and A/B testing on the design and user experience.

Agreement. Getting all stakeholders in agreement is necessary. Get them together early and often and build in key sign-offs to ensure everyone is on the same page. The last thing anyone wants is to have doubts the night before launch.

Innovation. In digital technology, the only constant is change. For web development, it’s important to explore new technologies, think outside the box, dream big … and scale the scope from there. Look for innovations that create memorable user experience moments, make best use of plug-ins and emergent technology and showcase leading edge behaviors.

Integration. Your website needs to be the heart of your communications program. Before a customer calls you, they will Google you. Make sure your visitors have a seamless experience, regardless of the platform they’re visiting you from.

See everyone on December 2 at The Lincoln Center! The bacon will be hot and ready for you!


By: Emily Easley, Spokane MarCom President