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03 Oct 2013

October Breakfast Rewind

Anonymous online comments can impact your business. Luckily, we had a panel of marketing and communication veterans that spoke today about the wise ways to handle negative comments, news and reviews.

Melanie Rose, the Director of Communications at the Central Valley School District, hit the nail on the head when she said some people are online to troll, while others just want to be heard. It's the latter group that brands should focus on.

Stephanie Cates, the Marketing Director at RESCUE!, shared her experience with negative reviews for her company's products. Luckily, RESCUE! has never had a product recalled, but if it ever does, it'd be ready for any crisis that would arise. Stephanie also said RESCUE! is a company full of brand evangelists due to the company's positive culture. 

Scott Steele of Avista talked about how his company handles customer complaints and ensures that complaints are handled in a timely and transparent manner. 

Recently, The Huffington Post announced it would soon transition to a commenting system that forced commenters to be more transparent. Popular Science announced it would completely shut off its commenting system, citing research showing how negative comments create negative perceptions, thus impacting funding for scientific causes.

PR Daily recently noted that a number of organizations are cracking down on online comments. Finally, Brand Driven Digital has a blog on why brands shouldn't fear negative comments.

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