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16 Oct 2013

November 2013 Newsletter


Dousing the Flames of an Exploding Crisis

Charlie Powell, the Senior Communications Manager of the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, will show you how fast a crisis can explode, what steps you can take to stop the spread of the wildfire and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Charlie has dealt with Mad Cow Disease scares, PETA demonstrations and other crises. Come learn how you can escape the threat of a potential crisis at your workplace.

Friday, November 1

7:00 am - 7:45 am Networking & Breakfast
7:45 am - 9:00 am Introductions & Program
The Lincoln Center* – 1316 N. Lincoln Street *Parking is free!
Register Now

Meeting fee details: The meeting fee, which covers breakfast, is $20 for members at the door, $30 for non-members, $5 for student members and $15 for student non-members. (Only full-time students qualify for reduced rates. School I.D. is checked at the door.)



Maggie CrabtreeOur first guest for our new ‘Inside the MarCom Studio’ events is the one and only Maggie Crabtree! Come learn about Maggie’s career path and use her answers and expertise to help guide your career.

This event is free to attend, but we must limit attendance to 25 people.


November 12
5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Networking
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Program
Free for MarCom members, $5 for non-members
Greater Spokane Incorporated – 801 W. Riverside, First Floor
*Photo courtesy of Dean Davis Photography



Ruh Roh!

The life of a marketing/PR professional is actually pretty sweet. While there are those who think our days are more “play time” than work, our work just happens to look like play. We get to go out & promote our companies, we engage with our customers to create brand advocates, we help drive sales (so that we get paid!) and we get to pick out cool promotional swag just to name a few things in our busy work days.
But there is a down side. We are also the ones who get to deal with crisis communications when something bad happens. That could mean you are the one in front of the camera answering questions or prepping your leadership on how to respond. It can be a gut wrenching experience to say the least. But fear not fellow MarCom members! With the right training, a great team and a strategy to guide you, you can get through a crisis relatively unscathed.  Check out my tips on how to deal with a crisis situation at . It’s worth the extra click from this email, I promise!

- Leslie Czernik, MarCom President



By Susan Joseph Nielsen, M.S., APR


It can happen in an instant. You could be at the office, a party, the gym, a concert or a PTG meeting. You weren’t expecting it and it might just change everything. “It” is a Golden Opportunity.

Simply put, a Golden Opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime prospect you probably shouldn’t pass up. There is no predicting the timing or number of Golden Opportunities that might come your way. The key is recognizing one when it comes along, saying yes (or possibly no) and having faith that what happens next will lead to another and another and another opportunity.  

I was beyond fortunate to begin my professional career with an internship at the (new) CNN bureau in Washington, D.C. I felt privileged to work on the Newsmaker Saturday show with news legend Daniel Schorr and the Evans & Novak Show with news icons Rowland Evans and Robert Novak. This Golden Opportunity 29 years ago led to opportunity after opportunity. My career and life would be entirely different if I had been afraid to take a chance, to live in a place far from home, to swim with the sharks at a very young age or elect to not leave CNN/D.C. for the next opportunity.

Right now you might be asking yourself what a Golden Opportunity actually looks like and whether you’ve already missed one or more in your lifetime. The truth is, they look different for each person. They take many forms and can be presented in a variety of ways. They can be subtle (discernment is key) or blatant and they are never predictable. This is what a Golden Opportunities might look like:


  • You have the opportunity to help your company, a colleague or friend with a project you might not otherwise be asked to work on (timing is important here)
  • You have the interest and skill to start a second job or micro business
  • An organization has a vacant board or committee position you’re interested in filling
  • You are asked to give a presentation or write an article about something you know a lot about
  • You want to receive a college or advanced degree to do something you’ve always wanted to do personally or professionally

Don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t over analyze it and don’t dismiss it without first thinking “what if.”

A former colleague, mentor and close friend used to say, “You just never know until you say go!” There is no limit to the number of Golden Opportunities that could come your way. Whether it’s big or small, the important thing is to know a Golden Opportunity when you see it, and give it fair consideration.

My motto: Just say “go” because you never know what could happen next!

Susan Joseph Nielsen is the Chief Communications Officer for Girl Scouts Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, a freelance journalist, editor and consultant. She can be reached at




Be a Great Manager to Your Interns
By Jonathan Manfredonia, STCU

You expect great things from your interns. Remember how much they impressed you during the interview? Just because they’ve been hired doesn’t mean your work is done. As an intern manager, here are some tips to make your interns have a rewarding and career advancing experience with your organization.  Read more...


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