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05 Jan 2016

New Year! New You?

New Year! New You?

By Stephanie Lilla, Spark Awards Judging Chair

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season; as we enter our first week back to the grind you may find yourself drinking an extra cup of coffee or pressing snooze on the alarm one more time. Many take this time to refresh, set new goals and work toward a better self.  Let’s run through how you can do this with your company’s marketing and communication strategy!  

How can we avoid the content fatigue and attract the attention of a new audience or convert customers? Take some time this month to get your marketing strategy off on the right foot this New Year. The rapid shift of new technology, marketing trends and engagement tracking makes it more important now than ever to review your content marketing plan. Ideas on how to get started:

Are you documenting your strategy?

Having an outline of channels approached, content produced and end goals will guide your efforts throughout the year.  Always remember to reassess your strategy and adjust as needed periodically. 

Do you have an audience persona?

Personifying your target audience will help you understand them in a deeper way, allowing you to determine which strategy will best resonate with them. When developing the audience persona you might identify their preferred communication, buying and receptive marketing habits, as well as 

What user experience do you have in place?

Is your content user friendly, can they engage easily and is your call to action accessible? Make sure the user experience is seamless between devices.

Is your social media presence keeping up with the times?

2016 is looking like a big year for new innovative moves from large social sites since they are becoming mainstream marketing channels. If you don’t have someone designated to your social media content, make this a priority in 2016!

How are you tracking your engagements?

Data is crucial to your marketing strategy, this is the year to track and translate your data into actionable results.  Utilize the social media analytics, apply your strategy across all channels and then analyze where you are getting most engagements.

I look forward to seeing you at February's annual workshop where we will be delving deeper into Strategic MarCom Planning!