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25 Sep 2017

MarCom Mumblings:10 Ways to Get More Out of MarCom

MarCom Mumblings: 10 Ways to Get More Out of MarCom

There are lots of reasons to be a part of MarCom: the programming, the food, the networking, the getting to come in late to work one Friday per month… But MarCom is so much more than a delicious breakfast and a marketing presentation on First Friday. It’s a club. It’s a volunteer opportunity. It’s a community organization, and you have something unique to contribute.

Personally, l am an introvert, most comfortable working behind the scenes as a graphic designer, and walking into that first MarCom breakfast meeting two years ago where I knew next to no one was intimidating. So my solution was to GET INVOLVED! I quickly volunteered for the Spark Awards planning committee and was later recruited for the board. I found myself working with exceptional people, each talented and hardworking and enthusiastic about making MarCom a great resource for regional professionals and a generous benefactor for marketing and communications students. What a great cause!

Maybe you’re a new member this year (thank you!), or perhaps you’ve been a member for many years (thank you!). I want you to get the most you can out of your MarCom membership, and at the same time help make MarCom a stronger, more dynamic organization. You know you’re not the type to do the bare minimum: you’ve proven that by investing in your professional development. So here are 10 things you can do to get more out of MarCom and as well as give more back:

  1. Enter your work into the Spark Awards.

This is so important. The Spark Awards is a chance to celebrate each other's and our own best work of the year, win some trophies, and it is the main fundraiser for our MarCom paid internships. There truly is a category for everyone, so there is no excuse to not enter. We also added a new award this year: Rookie of the Year, for the best entry from a company that has never entered before. And, win or lose, you’ll receive some thoughtful feedback from your fellow marketers in the form of judges’ notes, which brings us to...

  1. Be a Spark Awards judge.

Of course, to have awards we must have judges. These aren’t participation awards! Even if you enter, you can still be a judge, you just won’t judge the categories that you’ve entered. Judging will occur in March 2018, so when the time comes please consider volunteering.

  1. Join the Spark Awards Planning Committee.

Somebody has to plan the party! Each year the Spark Awards gala has a new theme, and you can help to determine it as well as help plan the details of the evening. We are looking for volunteers to join the committee now.

  1. Attend the Spark Awards.

Hopefully come April, you will find that your entry has won a Spark Award, and you and your associates and clients can come bask in the glory of your victory. But whether or not there is a trophy with your name on it, I hope that you will attend the Spark Awards and support your fellow members as well as our MarCom interns. It’s a wonderful evening out, with delicious food and tempting raffle baskets, and this year we are working on some additional surprises. So reserve your tickets early and support our paid MarCom internships and the accomplishments of your fellow MarCom members!   

  1. Apply to be a host organization for MarCom’s paid internships or join the internship committee.

We are looking for member organizations that would like to host an intern during a mutually-agreed-upon 10-week period of up 30 hours per week between May and December 2018. We plan on funding two $3,000 internships this year, and will match the selected students with the organizations that are the best fit. If you are interested in helping to determine which student applications are awarded the internships, you can also join our internship committee.

  1. Join the MarCom board.

With the election of our new incoming president, there is a vacancy on the MarCom Board of Directors. Our Communications Chair position needs to be filled as soon as possible. If you are interested, please contact our current Fearless Leader, Stephanie Wetzel at 509.679.3572 or

  1. Spread the word about MarCom to other professionals or students.

MarCom is only as strong as its membership, so you can always help by promoting the breakfast meetings to your fellow marketing professionals or any marketing/communications students you may know. Bring a guest to breakfast perhaps, like and share our posts on social media, or simply talk us up!

  1. Sponsor a breakfast.

It is a huge help to sponsor a MarCom monthly breakfast, and it’s a great promotional opportunity for your organization. For the $175 sponsorship, you get the opportunity to have a display table and provide handouts and swag to meeting attendees, give a 3-minute PSA about your company at the beginning of the program, and receive one complimentary breakfast admission. You also get a 150-word company description in the MarCom newsletter that goes out to over 175 local marketing professionals. And you get everyone’s gratitude for being a breakfast sponsor!

  1. Donate a raffle basket for the Spark Awards.

One fun activity on the night of the Spark Awards is our raffle, and it’s a key part of raising funds for our paid internships. Consider making a raffle basket donation! And, of course, buy raffle tickets!

  1. Share your ideas for how to make MarCom even better.

We are an ever-evolving organization, and if you have an idea of how we can become stronger or if you have a suggestion for a presentation topic or speaker, let us know! You can find board members’ contact info at, talk to any of us at the meetings, or drop a suggestion in our new suggestion jar. You’re a vital part of what makes MarCom great, and we want to hear from you!

I hope that these suggestions help you to get more out of MarCom: you’ll certainly get more networked and your organization will gain more visibility within our membership. But more than that, I hope that it gives you a sense of pride at helping this unique volunteer-run, professionals organization to thrive and keep enriching our community. Thank you for your membership and your participation!


By Mallory Battista, Spokane MarCom Visual Communications Chair