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29 Aug 2019

MarCom Mumblings | Video Marketing Success

MarCom Mumblings | Video Marketing Success

Videos are on the rise as a preferred media of choice by many consumers, and they are likewise gaining popularity with marketers who can leverage the affordable medium to inform and entertain prospective new customers.

Video provides a rich media experience that audiences enjoy viewing, while also telling a multilayered story that can begin the relationship-building process.

The value of video marketing is vast, with the ability to reach innumerable audience members who will retain a much higher proportion of the visual and auditory messaging, as compared to written text. Video also offers dynamic ways to tell your story on a variety of platforms across the entire globe! From pre-roll ads before a popular YouTube music video plays, to mid-roll commercial breaks during an on-demand primetime television show, and even interstitial ads on the latest app or smartphone game. You can even convert videos to flash and run video ads as standard display.

The options and capabilities of video advertising are seemingly endless and provide a robust medium for capturing the attention of your viewing public. Video is prime marketing content, and thus receives the best accessibility and placement on the internet. The highest search engine rankings are awarded to videos, especially by Google (which owns YouTube) and is positioned in front of the largest audiences.

Ready to start filming? Here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind as you embark on your marketing video production:

Short – keep the video message brief and succinct

Useful – provide value to your audience

Clickable – promote interaction with the content to find out more

Custom – ensure your video is edited specifically for online audiences

Engaging – entice viewers to watch from beginning to end

Shareable – encourage your audience to share the video with their networks

Statistics – Optimize your videos based on performance measurements

By Greta Carlson, Spokane MarCom Communications Chair