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18 May 2015

MarCom Mumblings: Top 8 MarCom Takeaways 2015

To relive the awesomeness of this past year, here are a few tidbits and tricks from MarCom's expert presenters:


1. Cause marketing campaigns must tie to the company's brand and values in order to work.

Three panelists - Eric Dahl with Crowdswell, Jessie Wuerst with Avista, and Keith O'Brien with Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery gave us insight into aligning for-profit and nonprofit organizations, how to track success, and when to walk away from partnerships.





2. Video is where it's at.

North by Northwest experts Keenan Bowen and Matt Jaime discussed the value of video and how much video marketing has changed over the years.





3. During a merger, it's not the most experienced that do the best, it's those who can best adapt.

Marty Dickinson with Umpqua Bank told her story of Sterling Bank and Umpqua Bank’s merger. We learned about how internal and external communications are equally important during a major change.





4. Always have a back-up plan for your event.

Event planning ninjas Lerria Schuh with WestCoast Entertainment, Crystal Schaeffer-Flynn, Event Consultant, and Elizabeth Giles with Inland Northwest Blood Center talked about how to plan and execute successful events.






5. The best brands are the most human.

The question isn’t what does your brand do, but who is your brand. That’s what Tyler Borders taught us during our annual workshop!




6. Crisis training is a must! Plan and practice.

Megan Snow, communications manager at the American Red Cross Northwest Region; Gerry Bozarth of the Greater Spokane Emergency Management and Monique Cotton, director of communication and public information at the Spokane Police Department talked about how to prepare for crises and communicate during chaos.





7. Be positive when networking.

The ladies from DeVoiler talked about do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking. Be open, positive and confident!







8. Give credit where credit is due.

Rhett Barney with Lee & Hayes taught us about copyright and trademark infringement. Bottom line: tell the truth, give credit, and trademark/copyright your original works.