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18 Jan 2019

MarCom Mumblings: The Benefits of an Internship

MarCom Mumblings: The Benefits of an Internship
Being an intern can be daunting and hosting can seem like a hassle.  So even if you are a little worried about stepping into the ring of internships, don’t forget there are many benefits whether you are the host or the intern.
Host Organizations
Having a student intern can be rejuvenating and bring a new outlook to your organization.  Interns are hungry with passion and excited to show off their newly learned skills and apply them in the “real world.” Being an internship host gives you a great opportunity to pass on your expertise to the next generation, by being a mentor to new passionate minds.
Student Interns
As a student, having an internship can greatly enrich your career development. Internships can help you gain experience in the field and also hone in on what you enjoy most! By finding your passion you can start learning and applying for positions that you love most. Internships can also help you gain connections with employers and other marketing professionals in the area that can sometimes lead to future jobs.
The Community
Lastly, internships help the community! By connecting students to businesses, we can keep young professionals in the area to pursue their careers.  This has the potential to invigorate our profession.  If we are able to excite new professionals we will be able to continue and advance the marketing sector.
By Meg Comito, Spokane MarCom Internship Chair