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21 May 2019

MarCom Mumblings | Strengthen Community Relations

MarCom Mumblings | Strengthen Community Relations

While community relations work typically requires a considerable amount of time, resources and other business investments, getting involved in the community can blossom into a rewarding boost to your company’s reputation. Even though there is not always an immediate return, in the long run the benefits can be immeasurable.

Actively participating in the community increases brand awareness, conveys social responsibility, and launches a host of potential new business opportunities – all of which are essential to a successful local marketing strategy.

These are a few ideas to help build a strong community relations program, or simply enhance the one you already have.

  • Coordinate or host community gatherings
  • Offer your professional services and skills
  • Mentor someone with less experience
  • Volunteer as a group
  • Serve on a board or committee.
  • Partner with other businesses
  • Join local business affiliations 
  • Become an active community sponsor 
  • Inspire your employees to get involved
  • Establish a community relations calendar

Strong community relations can be wonderfully rewarding, both on a personal and professional level. Over time it can also bring financial benefits as more people come to identify your brand as trustworthy, dedicated and supportive of local communities. Take advantage of this gratifying marketing opportunity which allows you to show the value of your business brand in the local community.

By Greta Carlson, Spokane MarCom Communications Chair