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18 Mar 2019

MarCom Mumblings | Spring Cleaning: Digital Style

MarCom Mumblings | Spring Cleaning: Digital Style

Spring Cleaning: Digital Style

It looks like spring is finally making its way to the Inland Northwest (fingers-crossed!). What better time to do a little digital spring cleaning? This six-step guide will get your social media channels squeaky clean. 

Cover the basics. How long has it been since you uploaded a new profile image, edited your bio, followed new business and community contacts, or made sure all links were up-to-date? If it’s been a while, make sure to refresh your pages and keep your company representation current.

Out with the old. Are you on EVERY social media platform just because you think you need to be there? Take the time to evaluate post performance, audience interaction, and digital goals to determine if you really need to represent on each page. Cut the cord on low-performing accounts – your time is too valuable to waste. 

Get organized. Keep your work life in balance and coordinate team efforts with a collaboration network. Some of our tried-and-true favorites are Slack, Teams, Trello, and Yammer. 

Dust off your writing skills. Elevate your copy with these free resources: Hemingway Editor (identify lengthy sentences and common errors), CoSchedule (analyze headlines), and Grammarly (check text for mistakes and readability). 

Keep up with the Joneses (or in this case, competitors). Select three main competitors and take a quick audit of their social channels. Do not copy them. But rather, learn from their successes and mistakes. What worked well that you could emulate in a different way? What didn’t play out as planned that you should avoid? Who are they following and interacting with that might makes sense for your business as well?

Create new goals. Congrats! You’ve completed all of these listed tasks and your social media presence is spring-fresh. You should feel encouraged and motivated. Keep that feeling going and set new goals. Think about what you’d like to achieve this year. Set monthly, quarterly, and annual goals to get you there.  Make note of what you’d like to accomplish and track regularly to increase accountability and your likeliness of achieving them.

By Brittanie Bonanzino, Spokane MarCom Co-Events Chair