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16 Mar 2017

MarCom Mumblings: Planning a Successful Event

Three Key Components to a Successful Event


Planning an event can be stressful to say the least.  With many moving parts, individuals to assign tasks to and a room full of peers, it is a big undertaking. There are so many areas of the event to double and triple check to make sure everything runs according to plan. Here are my top three key components to a successful event.



Creating the right ambiance is essential to the event as a whole. The minute your guests enter the room, they’re immediately summing up the space. It is their first impression of how the event will go, and it is always important to shock them with the ‘wow’ factor. Depending on budget, there are many ways in which this can be done. Lighting, table setup, entry table sign in, signature beverage, and beautiful signage - all of these details contribute to the overall feelings and impressions of your guests.


It is also important to take room assessments throughout the entire event. Stop, pause, and see how your room is responding at that moment in time. It is a good indicator of whether you should allow your guests to continue in what is happening in that moment, or speed things along to the next activity-taking place. Reading their body language is key to keeping the perfect flow during your event.



Technology continues to change, and as it changes, it is important to be aware of it. Event technology should never be the reason an event is unsuccessful. Come prepared with at least three alternatives for the area in which you are using technology. If you are running a PowerPoint, check with the venue to make sure WiFi is available, that they have a backup laptop, extension cords are available upon request, that you have an extra USB thumb drive, and that you know all the passwords for accessing the computers and Internet upon arrival.  You can never be over prepared when testing out and using technology at an event. If you think you have it covered, ask a friend or colleague to test it out to make sure it is user friendly with everyone.


MC or Host

Finding the right MC or Event host can be a challenging task. They are the face of the event, keeping it running on time and entertaining your guests throughout the event.  When selecting your MC or event Host, make sure they align with your company brand and understand the core values of the company. They are representing YOU, and that can make or break the success of the event. When selecting, make sure that person actually wants to take on that position and is confident in their ability to do so. Let your MC know what it entails prior to booking them so that they are not blindsided by the tasks you envision for them. Lastly, familiarize them with your company and make sure they grasp the key purpose of the event and the goals that are trying to be met.


Communication is key. When your whole team or committee is aware of all the details, everyone can confidently contribute to making the event a success. 


By Ashley Graham, MarCom Events Co-Chair