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22 Feb 2019

MarCom Mumblings: MarCom Resources Abound!

MarCom Mumblings: MarCom Resources Abound!

Where do you find resources or tools? Do you follow blogs? How about podcasts? I have a few I follow that I think are fantastic resources and I cannot wait to hear more about how our local libraries can be leveraged at our breakfast program on March 8th!

I enjoy following’s blog where you can find anything from case studies, to the science of social media, how-to advice and a plethora of research-based reports. This free resource into the MarCom world has enriched my knowledge, kept me up to date on trends and provided important data that is very applicable!

I also greatly enjoy the Hubspot Blog, they provide even more diverse information on website development, branding, leadership tips and creating engaging content. They dive deep into the nitty gritty, provide examples and always keep it relatable.

I like a good podcast as well, being on the road as much as I am, I have landed on a few that have been great resources. ThinkDigital has innovative and worthwhile content. For other engaging ones, Forbes has a great list of other highly rated podcasts to listen to, definitely worth a peek!

There are so many wonderful resources available at the tip of our fingers that it is often overwhelming. I am enthused to have Mark Pond from Spokane Library presenting at our March 8th breakfast program on the resources available to our MarCom community at our local libraries, for FREE! I look forward to you joining us, see you there!

By Stephanie Wetzel, Spokane MarCom Past President