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22 Oct 2018

MarCom Mumblings: Holiday Giving

MarCom Mumblings: Holiday Giving

The holiday season is upon us, but for many, the holiday season can be a cold and stressful time. According to a recent statistic provided by the city of Spokane, there are over 1,000 homeless individuals living in Spokane County. Most of these individuals became homeless due to complex circumstances.

One organization that has been an invaluable resource to help those in need is the Union Gospel Mission. For over 65 years, UGM has found ways to help transform the lives of those who are homeless. Through the generosity of volunteers and charitable donations from the community, UGM has been able to feed, clothe and offer resources to help many get off the streets.

In essence, it’s the community’s support that help keep organizations like the UGM running. One business that’s helping this effort is DAA Auto Body Center. For the past few years, DAA Auto Body Center has hosted a sock drive to help the UGM supply clean socks to those in need. “Socks are one of the most desperately needed but overlooked items that homeless individuals need during the winter months,” said Mitzi VanVoorhis. It’s one small donation that can make a world of difference for those that have so little.

For those of you that would like to help, DAA Auto Body Center will be collecting socks to give to the UGM during our November meeting. Every person who donates will receive a raffle ticket. At the end of the meeting, they will draw one lucky winner who will receive a full auto detail, courtesy of DAA Auto Body Center, valued at $225.00.

However, there is a year-round need for food, clothes and other goods. If you would like to help the UGM or one of the other organizations in our area, we’ve supplied a link that lists the top needs. Your donation makes a difference, so get out and help!

Top Needs -


By Cody Hanson, Spokane MarCom Sponsorship Chair