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17 Jan 2014

Feburary 2014 Newsletter


"Brand Storytelling: How to Captivate and Transform Your Audience with Great Stories"

Lisa Gerber of Big Leap Creative will teach you how to use great stories to transform your audience. In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • What makes a great story and how it adds value
  • The types of content that grows business
  • How to tell a better story in your social, email and website content
  • Editing tips and tactics

If you have a website, a social media presence, an advertising budget - anything that involves creating content, this workshop is for you! We encourage attendees to bring a laptop, notebook, or any device to write with for the workshop.

Thursday, February 6
7:00 am - 7:45 am Networking & Breakfast
7:45 am - 9:00 am Presentation
9:15 am - 11:00 am Interactive Workshop
The Lincoln Center* – 1316 N. Lincoln Street *Parking is free!
Register Now
NOTE: To maximize your time with our speaker, PSA's at the event will be limited to the meeting sponsors. We look forward to hearing from you in March!.

Meeting fee details are listed on the registration page.



Mark your calendars! The 2014 Spark Awards Drop-off Party is on Wednesday, February 19 from 4 – 6 p.m. at Dean Davis Photography (216 W. Pacific, Suite 102). Entries will be due at the party and fees may be paid online, or by cash, credit card or check (made out to MarCom). Late entries will not be accepted.



In a World...

Check out these two stories…
Story A: A group of terrorists enlist the aid of a drug smuggler and a religious fanatic to bomb the seat of a governmental power.

Story B: Three unlikely allies embark on a quest to face off against an oppressive ruler, save a lady in distress and set free the people she leads.

Which story appeals to you? The first, with more of a dark, dramatic tone or the second, that practically guarantees a happy ending. They’re actually the same story, just from different perspectives. The way they are written will influence if you want to continue to learn more. If you crave the happy ending and are presented with the first description, you probably won’t be hooked. If you want tension and uncertainty in your story till the very end, the second description will bore you with its cliché predictability. How you tell the story determines how you get your audience.
As a regular reader of the MarCom newsletter, storytelling is part of your bailiwick. We are the lucky ones who get the Herculean task of crafting our company story that’s told every day. AND we get to manage all the ways the story is told while proving the worth the storytelling has on the bottom line. Yay for us! (insert sarcastic smile and fake thumbs-ups here.) As much as we’d love to have random words spill out of our heads and hope a story emerges, it just doesn’t work that way.

Telling a compelling story is challenging. The challenge with my company story is industrial manufacturing is BORING. We build stuff. That stuff is made of metal. You may or may not need our stuff. The blank stares say it all when I tell people HOTSTART “manufactures engine heaters for industrial diesel engines.”

We start at boring and have to work our way to even glimpse interesting. In fact, we need the story that lets people know engine heating is HOT! This is where kick-ass storytelling can change everything.

Here’s a slightly different approach to our story. Check out HOTSTART-The Movie (it sounds best if you read it with a really deep voice…):
“In a world… frozen in time… where polar vortexes bring towers of snow… and bone chilling winds keep engines frozen and industries at a standstill… one company will rise to the challenge… and risk it all to save the world…one heated diesel engine at a time.”

Sure, it sounds silly. Would I use this in my next corporate brochure? Probably not, but this new approach made me think outside of the box to describe my company. In the real world, a polar vortex did dump a ton of snow across most of the US recently. The people and companies affected needed our engine heaters on their backup generators, trucks, snow plows and other equipment to get those diesel engines running. So in a way, HOTSTART is saving the world one diesel engine at a time. Now I have a compelling story to share with the audience. What kind of story could your "In A World..." movie trailer unearth?


Apply to be a Judge for MarCom's 2014 Spark Awards
Calling all marketing, communications, advertising and design professionals! MarCom is currently looking for qualified professionals to judge 2014 Spark Awards entries. If you have interest in judging entries on some of our region’s best work, please contact Emily Easley, MarCom’s 2013-2014 Spark Awards Judging Chair at

Attend One of MarCom's Upcoming Speed Networking Events
Give back to the student community and meet the next generation of marketing professionals at one of MarCom’s two student-to-professional speed networking events.

  • Tuesday, February 4 from 5:30-7 p.m. at Gonzaga University
  • Tuesday, March 11 from 5:30-7 p.m. at Whitworth University

Interested? To RSVP and get more details, email Jonathan Manfredonia at

Interns Here! Get Your Summer Interns Here!
The MarCom internships are back, and you can apply to host one this summer! The internship can start as early as May and goes until fall 2014. Your organization can take advantage of the best and brightest from the next generation of marketing and communications professionals. Student interns receive a scholarship from MarCom, so there’s no cost to you.

There’s still time to apply before the February 28, 2014 application deadline, but the sooner the better.

Click here to download the host application form. For details, contact Jonathan Manfredonia at



Red Lion Hotels

Red Lion Hotels are a celebration of locality for the traveler who collects experiences and understands that every trip ought to be a little bit different. The traditions of each Red Lion city, from the West Coast and British Columbia throughout the Pacific Northwest, are captured by a warm, personable staff who can't wait to show off their home.
Red Lion provides a unique experience to guests by:
Providing welcoming, genuine and proactive service to guests
Sharing local hotspots (restaurants, family activities, local landmarks, etc) with guests
Offering unique properties inspired by destinations in which they reside
Honest answers, hometown buzz and a genuine local smile—they're what our hotels have been offering for decades. Red Lion ensures that trips for our guests are more than a stay.  Experience it all at one of our 55 hotels in 11 states.
By the way, we are traded on the NYSE and also own WestCoast Entertainment.  #nobigdeal

Strategic Research Associates

Visit Spokane's only full service dedicated focus group research facility! Strategic Research Associates specializes in conducting qualitative and quantitative research within hard to reach market segments and can assist you with recruiting, hosting, research development, analysis and moderation in markets throughout the US. Each research project is custom, and designed to meet your specific ongoing business intelligence needs. Go to for a full description of services provided, articles on ways to smartly conduct your own research, and much more.

Lawton Printing

Lawton Printing Services is a strategic partner that provides commercial offset, personalized digital printing and marketing solutions to our clients. Our team approach customer service, confidence-instilling expertise and environmentally friendly practices set us apart. We can handle both small and large jobs, so we can help you come up with an effective solution not matter the size of your project.