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29 Nov 2018

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20 Nov 2018

MarCom Mumblings: Updating your Resume Not many people are fortunate enough to find their dream job right out the gate. For those of you who have, congrats! For those of us who haven’t been able to find that dream job (yet) we know how important our resumes are. However, as potential employees, sometimes it’s easy to overlook exactly how important having an updated and professional resume is. Most of my career has consisted of jobs based on necessity, and not for actual professional growth. From managing a family-owned McDonald’s, to being head of hous… Read More >

22 Oct 2018

MarCom Mumblings: Holiday Giving The holiday season is upon us, but for many, the holiday season can be a cold and stressful time. According to a recent statistic provided by the city of Spokane, there are over 1,000 homeless individuals living in Spokane County. Most of these individuals became homeless due to complex circumstances. One organization that has been an invaluable resource to help those in need is the Union Gospel Mission. For over 65 years, UGM has found ways to help transform the lives of those who are homeless. Through the generosity of volunteers and c… Read More >

Is it Time for My Business to Invest in Social Advertising?   New social channels pop up every day. It’s impossible to keep on top of them unless you have a full-time social media specialist, right? In some cases that might be true. Social media can easily turn into a full-time job for an individual or even a team of individuals. However, that isn’t always an option. Sometimes we have to become our own subject matter experts. In our first breakfast meeting in September, Andrea Parrish is going to tell you a little bi… Read More >

10 Jul 2018

MarCom Mumblings: Intern Update I’ve been at Numerica a little over the month and I’m learning a lot. My big project for the summer is managing a budget for giveaways. After some brainstorming and looking through successful giveaways in Numerica’s past, I thought it would be fun to have a “tourist in your own city” theme for this summer. I noticed Numerica hadn’t had a sponsor for a giveaway and thought Spokane Eats would fit the bill. When I reached out to her, she was excited to be involved. After meeting with Chandler from Spokane… Read More >

25 Feb 2018

MarCom Mumblings: Hosting an intern First off do you have an intern? If not there are a few great avenues to get one! You can start by applying to be a host organization through MarCom’s Internship Program (shameless plug). More information about the program and how to apply can be found at There are also great opportunities at local universities to post internships and get involved in student clubs. Reach out to the college’s career center and they will gladly give you a list of events and opportunities to conne… Read More >