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MarCom Mumblings: 10 Ways to Get More Out of MarCom There are lots of reasons to be a part of MarCom: the programming, the food, the networking, the getting to come in late to work one Friday per month… But MarCom is so much more than a delicious breakfast and a marketing presentation on First Friday. It’s a club. It’s a volunteer opportunity. It’s a community organization, and you have something unique to contribute. Personally, l am an introvert, most comfortable working behind the scenes as a graphic … Read More >

The Wetzel Report: Crisis Communication - a timely topic indeed! Boy have there been a handful of crisis’ happening recently; just a few examples I can think of off the top of my head: NFL protests, Equifax data breach, and the two hurricanes. Each of these events have caught my attention in more ways than one but I have also been keeping a keen eye on how information has been communicated to the public. Let’s look at the Equifax data breach, more specifically the phishing website that was tweeted via a link to the p… Read More >