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Make your intern feel welcome by developing an on-boarding program that outlines your expectations of him or her, their duties and responsibilities, and how their work will be evaluated. Be sure to give your intern a tour of the company and introduce them to other employees especially those they will be working with. Interns who feel welcome and included tend to perform better than those who don’t.   Provide meaningful and practical tasks that will help your intern learn and grow while contributing to the company. Consider… Read More >

Three Key Components to a Successful Event   Planning an event can be stressful to say the least.  With many moving parts, individuals to assign tasks to and a room full of peers, it is a big undertaking. There are so many areas of the event to double and triple check to make sure everything runs according to plan. Here are my top three key components to a successful event.   Atmosphere: Creating the right ambiance is essential to the event as a whole. The minute your guests enter the room, they’re i… Read More >

15 Feb 2017

I’ll be honest. I’m not a football fan. To me, the Super Bowl was about a live Lady Gaga concert (which slayed BTW) and the ads. There are high expectations. Each 30-second spot costs an estimated $5-5.5 million—an unfathomable amount of money. For that big of an investment, I guessing you really want your spot to make a statement. You need something that will get shared online the day after the big game and that people will talk about. This year, funny wasn’t enough. The biggest, most talked about ads were ones w… Read More >

Hi, I’m Marcus Marketeer and I’ve won more SPARK awards than anyone in history. How can I say that so confidently? Well, since I’m fictional, my record can be basically whatever I want it to be. Anyway, back to the point, you could say I know all there is to know about the SPARK awards, so MARCOM asked me to give you some pointers on how to set your spark entry on fire! Basically, fire needs three factors to burn, and so should your entry: fuel, heat and oxygen. Let’s break that down. Fuel (RESULTS) Here&rsquo… Read More >