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MarCom Mumblings:5 Business-Charity Collaborations When businesses and charities partner together, everyone wins. The company gains goodwill. The charity gains exposure and income. Large corporations often have matching gift programs, doubling the donations their employees make. Volunteer grant programs couple valuable resources: employees give of their time while the company provides funding to the charity of choice. In addition to bolstering a company’s reputation, charity partnerships tend to strengthen morale and employee happiness. “If you make your company a positiv… Read More >

President's Message: Philosophy of Web Development December’s breakfast meeting is one I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. Jesse Pierpoint, Creative Director for Seven2, will be speaking with our group about websites and online content creation. For a medium that’s constantly evolving, this topic couldn’t be more relevant and ripe for discussion. Leading up to the discussion, it got me thinking about some of the core philosophies any web development process should include: Research. Before developing a new website for your organization, make sure you d… Read More >