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17 May 2016

I recently was having coffee with a good friend of mine. We were discussing his new business venture and my job change. When he asked me, “Are you excited for your new job?” I contemplated my response. He looked at me and said, “You don’t like change much, do you?” Both questions felt too complex to respond with a simple yes or no. Because in order to embrace the new, I have to accept and let go of the past.   In chatting with friends, colleagues and mentors these past few months, it is clear that … Read More >

15 May 2016

It’s weird to think this is my last column. Our last breakfast meeting of the programming year is right around the corner. My year as president is coming to a close, and it’s gone shockingly fast. We’ve had some great programs, but other board members have done a much better job summing that up. Instead, I want to talk about why I’m so glad I got involved in this group. 1)      It’s a great network to have. I’ve met so many people through this organization that I always kno… Read More >