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MarCom Mumblings:5 Business-Charity Collaborations When businesses and charities partner together, everyone wins. The company gains goodwill. The charity gains exposure and income. Large corporations often have matching gift programs, doubling the donations their employees make. Volunteer grant programs couple valuable resources: employees give of their time while the company provides funding to the charity of choice. In addition to bolstering a company’s reputation, charity partnerships tend to strengthen morale and employee happiness. “If you make your company a positiv… Read More >

President's Message: Philosophy of Web Development December’s breakfast meeting is one I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. Jesse Pierpoint, Creative Director for Seven2, will be speaking with our group about websites and online content creation. For a medium that’s constantly evolving, this topic couldn’t be more relevant and ripe for discussion. Leading up to the discussion, it got me thinking about some of the core philosophies any web development process should include: Research. Before developing a new website for your organization, make sure you d… Read More >

20 Oct 2016

MarCom Mumblings: Holiday Gift Guide Your boss just walked in and asked how the client holiday gift ideas are coming. You break into a cold sweat realizing that the email she sent you is at the bottom of the endless list you’ve been working on for the last six months. Thankfully, the phone rings and she steps out of the office and on to other things. You blast out a quick email to your promo guy and all is right in the world. Let’s face it, we all procrastinate in different areas and client gifts are no exception. Below, you’ll find a few ideas to help you… Read More >

Public events are an integral part of shaping and honing your organization’s perception within the community (or communities) it serves. Not only does it provide goodwill, but top of mind is an important marketing strategy, and one that we never take for granted in the financial industry. The financial institution I work for has locations in many small local communities, so one of the ways we give back is by offering free shred days to everyone, members and non-members alike. These events allow us to meet lots of potential members … Read More >

23 Sep 2016

President's Message: The Fab Collab Another season of MarCom is underway and I couldn’t be more excited about what this year holds for our members! As you heard by now, starting this past summer, the Spokane Regional MarCom Association, PRSA Spokane and AAF Spokane created an informal collaboration. We like to call this collaboration the “fab collab.” Whether you’re a designer, a director of product marketing, or a crisis communications lead, we understand the value that integrated programming across the marketing-communications spectrum can pro… Read More >

MarCom Mumblings: 6 Reasons We Enter Spark Awards It’s not too early to start thinking about which 2016 projects you want to enter in the Spark Awards next spring! If you’re not sure whether you’ll participate, here are some reasons our organization chooses to enter each year. 1. It Makes Us Measure the Outcome of Our Work This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but it was a real aha moment for me. The first time we entered the Spark Awards, we were a bit blindsided that we wouldn’t be judged purely on the quality of our product, but that we would need to qu… Read More >

17 Aug 2016

President's Message: Welcome Back! Can you believe it? Another summer has come and (is almost) gone. But for marketing, communications and advertising professionals in Spokane, it’s time for celebration. Why? Because the Spokane Regional MarCom Association is back in session! Networking, learning and most importantly, BACON, await us all at another highly anticipated programming year at The Lincoln Center. But before we pull out our power suits and business cards, let’s squeeze in the last bit of summer we can – MarCom style. Yep, that’s right! Tod… Read More >

17 May 2016

I recently was having coffee with a good friend of mine. We were discussing his new business venture and my job change. When he asked me, “Are you excited for your new job?” I contemplated my response. He looked at me and said, “You don’t like change much, do you?” Both questions felt too complex to respond with a simple yes or no. Because in order to embrace the new, I have to accept and let go of the past.   In chatting with friends, colleagues and mentors these past few months, it is clear that … Read More >

15 May 2016

It’s weird to think this is my last column. Our last breakfast meeting of the programming year is right around the corner. My year as president is coming to a close, and it’s gone shockingly fast. We’ve had some great programs, but other board members have done a much better job summing that up. Instead, I want to talk about why I’m so glad I got involved in this group. 1)      It’s a great network to have. I’ve met so many people through this organization that I always kno… Read More >

20 Apr 2016

The 2015 – 2016 programming year has been packed with lessons-learned across the MarCom spectrum. We’ve heard presentations on everything from public affairs and internal communications to reaching millennials and how to protect your brand. A lot of ground has been covered. With so many to remember, let’s take a look back at some of the presentations and key takeaway’s from this past year… September | Rise to the Top: Winning Support from Public Office Presented by Gallatin We learned how to win s… Read More >

I’ve been thinking a lot about the presidential election despite my best efforts to do otherwise. It’s not that I don’t care about the direction of our country, don’t get me wrong. I love politics. Washington, D.C. is just about my favorite place to visit. I watch Meet the Press every Sunday, and I watch the White House Correspondents’ Dinner like some people watch the Academy Awards. (OK, you caught me, I watch that too.) But this election cycle has been so very, very strange. The rhetoric has been getting … Read More >

14 Mar 2016

Years ago, I worked in a small office, and our executive director got very excited about Strengths Finder 2.0. You take a quiz, and it tells you what your top five strengths (or themes, as the book refers to them) are.  For the team I was on at that time, my director used it to modify her leadership style for each person and in making new hiring decisions.   It was a pretty interesting exercise. Though it didn’t surprise me that communication came out as my first strength. I mean, it was a relief given my career choice th… Read More >

14 Mar 2016

That $1 you paid for freelance design “I know there are some places overseas that can fix my logo for $5 but I want to stay local so I’m hoping you won’t charge too much more"        ~ A recent phone conversation with a potential client I’m a freelance design professional in Spokane. By most standards I’m nothing special. Every day I get up, drink some coffee, put on yoga pants, and then attempt to follow a monastic rhythm of prayer and work, with a heavy emphasis on the prayer part. And because I’m nothing … Read More >

16 Feb 2016

“We should create a viral video!” How many times have you heard that suggestion? We’ll just create something so clever, it will be shared a million times. Everyone will share it on Facebook, and we won’t even have to pay for advertising. That’s how it works, right? If only it were that easy. It doesn’t mean creating hype is impossible. But it takes effort, strategy and budget. I can’t wait to hear from our March speaker to hear how the Spokane Arena markets their big events. I’m sure th… Read More >

12 Jan 2016

I’m an obsessive list maker. I love a good hand written note that I can cross off for real. My life is full of scribbled on Post-It notes. It’s what works for me on a day-to-day basis, but obviously I need something more sophisticated for strategic, long-range planning. I’m excited to hear from our speakers at the February workshop. I’ve written many a marketing plan, but every organization does it a little differently. I’m always up for learning new ways to make a plan and think strategically, along with re… Read More >

05 Jan 2016

New Year! New You?

New Year! New You? By Stephanie Lilla, Spark Awards Judging Chair Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season; as we enter our first week back to the grind you may find yourself drinking an extra cup of coffee or pressing snooze on the alarm one more time. Many take this time to refresh, set new goals and work toward a better self.  Let’s run through how you can do this with your company’s marketing and communication strategy!   How can we avoid the content fatigue and attract the atte… Read More >