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By Ronda Weaver, MarCom Sponsorship Chair One of the first things I do with new clients is a competitive audit to analyze what their competition is doing, especially as it applies to inbound and online marketing. This can help you discover new markets, provide insights into content that needs to be developed, and clarify your unique value proposition. Obviously this always starts with a few good google searches and a thorough review of known competitors’ websites. Not sure who your competitors are? Here are a couple tools … Read More >

Poor millennials. It seems lately this generation is the new cultural punching bag. They are seen as entitled, addicted to their smartphones and unwilling to pay their dues. The recent Saturday Night Live skit about millennials in the workplace touched on all of these:                    I’ll admit. I laughed pretty hard. I’m right on the edge between generations as I was born in 1981. Some charts classify me as a (much older) mil… Read More >