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MarCom Mumblings: Preparing for a job interview By Jonathan Manfredonia, MarCom Internship Chair Do your research! Employers don’t just want skilled candidates. They want to hire individuals who want to work and will thrive in their organization’s culture. By doing the right research beforehand, you can confidently demonstrate your interest in the company and make sure they’ll have no reservations about hiring you. Beyond just knowing the basics of what services the organization provides and who their customers are, you also want to show that you’re awa… Read More >

Our next breakfast program on emergency communications couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Last month, a perceived threat hit the WSU Spokane campus – where I work – and I was thrust into emergency communications mode. Thankfully, the threat was taken care of in a reasonable amount of time, without incident. But my team and I learned some things about emergency preparedness, and although there were no communication hiccups, there were still lessons to take away. Without providing too many details –… Read More >