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23 Oct 2019

MarCom Mumblings | Social Media In Your Community

 MarCom Mumblings | Social Media In Your Community

Being a part of Horizon Credit Union the last two years has been a very eye-opening experience. I had no idea how impactful credit unions nationwide are to their communities. In these days of digital communication there is no better way to display your core values and community outreach better than utilizing social media. Any industry, large or small, can benefit from giving back to your community and showcasing your efforts via social media platforms.

Sharing your community outreach stories are more important than ever since younger generations are placing more importance and value on company’s community responsibilities. Having the ability to share these communal impacts and stories via social media can create a personal connection with the eyes on the other end of the screen. This, in turn, builds credibility of your brand and gains a deeper relationship with current customers and can establish a foundation with potential ones.

Instead of being bombarded with constant promotions of your products and services a community outreach post can really stand out within your feed. These types of posts allow you to tell your own story about giving back in a more relaxed and casual way with a simple photo or video. Regardless of how big your organization is, giving back to your community and sharing it for the world to see will not only build your brand but will also build your client base.

By Clint Zitterkopf, Spokane MarCom Spark Award Chair