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Building a Company Culture

Friday, March 6, 2020 -- 8:00AM


The Herak Club Room

Your definition of company culture just might be wrong. Culture is not nerf guns and beer thirties.  Nor is it ping pong tables and dog friendly offices. Culture is a group of people agreeing to and fighting for a set of common beliefs that mutually benefit each other and the company. Serial entrepreneur, Tyler Lafferty, will share all the principles and foundational elements that have led to Seven2’s thriving work environment. Come learn a few things that can help boost employee satisfaction, simplify recruiting efforts and even build rabid, loyal clients.


This month's breakfast program is generously sponsored by JEBCommerce. 

Established in 2004, Coeur d’Alene-based JEBCommerce is a digital marketing agency with an award-winning affiliate team, unparalleled ad and PPC specialists, a passion for exceptional customer service and a keen eye for analytics.  The JEB team has over 75 years of collective experience in managing every aspect of affiliate program management, and we help some of the world’s best brands drive incremental sales online. We’ve worked hard and, as a result, we have a well-respected reputation with our clients and our competitors.  (But we also play hard at the appropriate time. Foosball is our game of choice in the office…Come on over and challenge us to a game!)  Our office environment is intense and high energy and there is a constant desire to improve and learn. We enjoy working with each other and pushing each other to learn more and succeed more with every client that we manage.

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