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Difficult Decisions: The Psychology of Consumer Choice

Friday, April 14, 2017 -- 7:00AM


The Lincoln Center: 1316 N. Lincoln St., Spokane, WA 201

Peggy Sue Loroz is a Professor of Marketing in the School of Business. She earned her Ph.D. in Marketing with a second field in Social Psychology from the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is also a proud graduate of Gonzaga University's School of Business, receiving her B.B.A. in 1995.  She primarily teaches courses in Consumer Behavior at both the undergraduate and MBA levels.  In addition, she offers courses in Persuasion and Marketing Ethics and supervises the undergraduate Promotion Project.  Her research interests lie in the areas of consumer psychology and social marketing.

Decision-making is hard! People are not very good at making choices that will maximize their overall well-being or happiness. They consistently focus on the wrong information, underestimate the role of emotion, and discount the impact that external factors have on their decisions. This presentation will review systematic biases in decision-making with the goal of identifying ways that marketers can influence consumer choice and hopefully help consumers (and themselves!) make better decisions. 

Join us on Friday, April 14th to delve deeper into consumer choices and how you can influence their decision making! 

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